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About The Co-Lab

The Co-Lab is a joint venture between three company owners who saw the value in working together to meet the needs of their existing customers. Earthwork Recording (audio production), The Super Deluxe (web and graphic design), and Flicker-lit (video production) are housed in the same building in Downtown Newark, Ohio. These companies have been working collaboratively yet independent since 2012. In 2014 they formalized their working relationship by forming the umbrella company “The Co-Lab”.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we are the onestop shop to bring all your ideas to life through any medium. Anything you've ever seen in print or on a screen, or heard on an album or the radio... we can create! Please don't hesitate to ask if there's an idea you have and need help bringing it to fruition through any medium!

Tom Atha, Aimee Phillips, and Reece Thompson each bring unique strengths and teams to the table to cover a broad spectrum of production categories such as jingle writing, radio production, web video production, TV broadcast production, animation, graphic design, web design and development. While each entity focuses on their acute strengths, customers value consistent production across multiple platforms.

  • logo design / identity packages / branding guidelines / business plans / marketing strategy

    Your organization is more than just a symbol or a font; it requires a personality your audience can relate to. It means finding an identity that perfectly matches your values and what you have to offer. Additionally, your image needs to be unified and consistent. To achieve this, you need a concept; a leading idea on which to base your whole branding. This is why we’ll meet you to exchange ideas and to understand what your organization is all about. Then, we get creative to come up with that memorable concept that turns heads and underlines what you wish to communicate.

  • responsive design / CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS / e-commerce / web and email hosting

    Your presence on the web deserves to be custombuilt— no one-size-fits-all templates here! We design your site around your content and your brand, putting your most important offers, events, and ideas in the spotlight and crafting a unique identity that will set you apart from the crowd. As you aware, in today's hyperconnected world, your web presence is the primary channel for attracting, retaining, and engaging with your audience. Your website, mobile versions, related applications, and social media accounts must serve and engage with disparate audiences while remaining on-message to your core mission.

  • print media design / digital media design

    Without the right aesthetic, your message is bound to get lost in the endless sea of media your audience is bombarded with on a daily basis. In an era where everyone and their cousin can create a "design" in a word document, the way you look often says more than the words you choose. Capture attention in a split-second—see how our years of experience and education will lift your message off the page and above the noise.

  • TV commercials / music videos / documentaries / training videos

    The popularity of YouTube means one very important thing, people love to watch video. Whether on a TV, a laptop, a tablet, or a phone, people are tuned in and looking for content. We tell stories

  • jingles / radio commercials / voice-overs / record production

    From full length albums to :30 second jingles, your audio production will have the careful attention of our talented staff. All musicians ourselves, we appreciate good music. We assume any role from the full extent of writing, arranging, and producing to simply engineering.

Tom Atha Co-Founder & Managing Partner of The Co-Lab

Tom Atha

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Tom Atha is a creative storyteller who cares more about the message than the medium. From songwriting to storyboarding, TV commercials to radio programs, websites to documentaries, Tom seeks opportunities to share unique messages that resonate with diverse audience types. A dual major in English and Physics from Denison University explains an innate desire to both understand the world and to communicate it with others.

Aimee P. Co-Founder & Creative Director of The Co-Lab

Aimee P.

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Aimee P. owns The Super Deluxe. Her relationship with visual communication is beyond passionate to the point of obsessive! If she's not busy working on a project, she's distracted by thinking about working on a project. Her educational background is in Art History, Fine Art, and Digital Media, so she has a broad and rich repertoire of art and design references she uses to produce in a wide range of styles. Her designs are often very complex; full of texture, hand-drawn elements, and elaborate typography. She tries to sleep at least 20 hours a week and enjoys reading, drinking caffeine, purchasing and wearing shoes, and bossing people around.

Reece Thompson

Co-Founder & Director of Multimedia

Reece is a slump-backed literature alumnus built like a crêpe. His status as 2-time Brown University reject has landed him in a full-time video creation partnership as co-owner of Flicker-lit Productions. In addition to his recent nominal acquisition of Academy Barnacle, he is an impressive titleholder earning recognition as craft show raffle award winner, 4th grade gym class chin-up silver medalist, and honorable mention at the 1998 Punt, Pass, & Kick competition. Free web surveys refer to him as a libertarian socialist, but he prefers “precocious twelve year-old,” a description prescribed by his only friend. Reece has written a number of unread stories, essays, and screenplays. Everything Reece does, he does earnestly.

Reece Thompson Co-Found & Director of Multimedia

Brandon Bankes

Audio Engineer & Booking Manager

Brandon's educational qualifications include a BA in Media Arts and Communications from Ohio University, where he specialized in Music Production and Music Business studying under renowned West Coast producer Eddie Ashworth (Sublime, Pennywise, Unwritten Law). Brandon is also an accomplished musician and multi-instrumentalist, and his work as a session musician can be heard on numerous albums in the country genre. Brandon has also taken the stage with Marty Stuart, Connie Smith, the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, and headlined venues such as country music’s legendary Wheeling Jamboree.

Jarred Lawson

Jarred Lawson

Audio Engineer & Technology Specialist

Jarred Lawson is primarily a guitarist/audio engineer; but a broad interest in technology as well as a business degree from The Ohio State University have left him with a gamut of skills that make him an abundantly effective member of any creative team.  

Katie Nelson

Web & Graphic Designer

Katie has a passion for sewing, sculpting, and creating whimsical designs. She has an anime addiction and a great love for teas. When she’s not working with the Super Deluxe, she’s taking jobs off her site

Shanon Daniel

Shanon Daniel

Audio Engineer & Graphic Designer

Shanon Daniel is a Fine Arts senior at Denison University studying Music Composition and Bluegrass. During her time at Denison, she served as the Music Department Graphic Designer and the Fine Arts Quad Computer Support Technician. As well as multiple jobs through the University, Shanon also worked at Earthwork Recording as an Intern Engineer, Booking Manager and Accountant. She has been studying under the direction of Aimee P., and creating for The Super Deluxe for multiple years. When she is not creating CD Covers, Posters, Invitations or Advertising Material, Shanon loves to discuss Bluegrass music, all things cat, and delectable coffee.

Tanner Bachelor

Graphic & Web Designer

A passionate, and self motivated go-getter, Tanner's interest in design came at an early age. He has a love affair with clean lines, flat areas of bold color, contemporary typography, and stimulating interactive experiences. He enjoys all aspects of the design process and anything that involves being innovative and original. You might find him behind the lens of a camera recording video or taking photos when he's not in front of the computer.

Nathan Winkelmes

Web Developer

Nate is fascinated with frontend web design, back-end development, custom web application development, and "pretty much everything that runs via the web." He refers to himself as being "somewhat of a nerd," and is enthusiastic about helping people get their ideas from their heads to a web server. In addition to the technical aspects, he also has a keen interest in learning the business side of web design and development.

Jessica McCann

Graphic Designer

Jessica is a design enthusiast who spends a lot of her time reading about different designers and their creative minds, shopping, and trolling on social media. She has earned her associates in Digital Media and has almost completed her bachelors in Interactive Media Design. Having two jobs and being a student, she finds herself taking short-lived naps rather than sleeping most nights. Despite lack of sleep, Jessica has an infinite love for design, which fuels her. Jessica is also a health and fitness fanatic, spending what little extra time she has going to the gym. Her favorite color is peach and her favorite animals include unicorns and elephants.

Alex Miller

Audio Engineer

Alex Miller is an energetic consumer of life. Trained in audio production at Ohio University, Alex has spent his post graduate freedom in New York City where he performs regularly between operating an 800 capacity night club. Ohio is excited to welcome him back.